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Booking now! Will be in touch by email after your purchase to get your stream scheduled! 

Enjoy a Night With Max Bemis and/or Sherri Dupree Bemis
(and whatever children force themselves into the room)

We’ll be playing a private show for just you and your loved ones.
You can select one of several fan fav. Sherri or Max jams and we’ll play ‘em for you,
As well as shoot the shit as long as we can!
We promise it’s less awkward then it sounds; not only will you most likely cry a little, but we might too!
(It’s been a gnarly couple years! Right? … Right/?)

If you spring for the 40 minute show, you’ll also get your own personal song (i.e a Song Shop song)
Written about you and performed for the first time in front of you live.

(And a recording of said jam later on.)

Choose below between a 20 minute (3 songs of your choosing live) sesh
A 40 Min sesh (1 song shop song and 4 songs of your choosing)

Song Choices Below

Alive With the Glory of Love
Every Man Has a Molly
Chia-Like, I Shall Grow
I Want to Know Your Plans
Skinny, Mean Man
Shiksa (Girlfriend)
Baby Girl, I’m a Blur
Hate Everyone
Say Anything
So Good
Six Six Six
The Shape of Love to Come
Ew Jersey
It’s a Process
The Hardest
A Walk Through Hell
Slumming it With Johnny
Chlorine Bath
Miss Martin
Marvelous Things
Telescope Eyes
Lost at Sea
Many Funerals
Mr. Moon
192 Days
Save My Soul
Song For The Birds
Two of a Crime
Little Light
Let's Start a Band
She Chose You
The Bat and the Cave
Tangled Up
I Always Make Things Easy
Goodbye Palace
To Let You In
Time Right
Take Down the Moon!